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                      "Giving Life  Purpose"

THE ARK OF LIFE, Center of Care




*The Dorothy Whittaker foundation is part of a nonprofit entity that provides Occupational Workshops to those individuals that need to be a part of something that matters in life. Thus, giving life some kind of purpose.

The Dorothy Whittaker entity is in honor of a wonderful woman who was a retired Registered nurse who

believed in natural holistic medicine keeping the mind from being stagnant and the body healing naturally with healthy living.

She respected our mission of taking care of your Mind... *feeding your thoughts with good positive things, healing from past wounds and trauma calming the busy mind with meditation and helping other people.

*Taking care of your Body....peaceful walking, exercise with weights, stretching and eating good whole foods.

*Taking care of your Spirit...prayer, peaceful walks and practicing kindness.

The Ark of Life, LLC cared for Dorothy for the last 3 years of her life and learned a great deal about what she thought as she aged.

She knew everyone needed wholesome activity that had a mission work ethic to make it important for us, always knowing that everyone needs to feel needed...

So therefore this gives well minded individuals something to put their mind to..

Busy yourself with good wholesome things....

When you help others.... you forget about you....

*The I Care Shawl Project

*Art therapy

*Support in health

*Mind, Body, Spirit

The Ark's vision:

* Education for a plant based life style, support groups to help with the transition of a different way of eating

*recipes, shopping list help, and cooking classes.

This gives us all tools to help to combat health problems such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes depression, and weight loss.



Dr. John McDougal

* Other education programs support and offer tools for a healthy marriage, a busy family and parenting support.

*If we don't offer help for our marriages we can never help the next generation.

To Give a Hug...

*The I Care Shawl Project was designed to give people purpose to live, to bring together ladies and or gents that would be interested in getting together once a week for a knitting/crochet group, to produce something that mattered in life, something mission oriented, which later turned into an outreach group called the "I Care Shawl" Project. It took off very quickly with a few ladies in the first few months but then grew into a group of 12 or so.

A positive inspiration for women of all ages that are geared to help people with their gift of whatever they would love to create for the month.

Our crochet and knitting groups are a reconnection to a lost art. We all learn from each other so no one is left out if you don't know how to do something, there are many talented ladies to help.

It is a good way to handle stress and is a meditation art of breathing in and out as you work on your project.

We work on all size blankets and many varieties of styles and stitches, fancy and plain shawls, all kinds of scarf's, hats, baby items, etc. These beautiful colorful items are sold through the I Care Shawl Project fundraiser once a year to raise money to produce beautiful fleece blankets for South County Hospial Cancer Center, to give hope and a hug to a person who is going though infusion therapy. Our fleece blankets give warmth when your therapy makes you cold, it gives cheer because of the color blanket you may choose, and it gives support every time you have your infusion .

Our hope is to touch every person personally in their heart and to give hope and warmth by those afflicted with disease.

May all be blessed in some great way...